Assemble And Store Christmas Wreaths In A Climate-Controlled Storage Unit

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Assemble And Store Christmas Wreaths In A Climate-Controlled Storage Unit

29 September 2017
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If you will be using hemlock and evergreen branches to make Christmas wreaths to sell this holiday season, renting a storage unit that is climate-controlled will provide you with a suitable area to assemble materials and store finished goods. Use the following tips to help you succeed in your business endeavor:

Set Up A Table And Chair For Assembly Purposes

Place a card table or long coffee table next to one of the storage unit's interior walls. Place a chair next to the table so that you can sit down comfortably while making each wreath. if you are going to have a couple friends help you make wreaths, add more chairs around the table. Place pruning shears, mini clippers, and embellishments on one corner of the table. As you transport hemlock and evergreen branches to the storage unit, sort the branches and trim the ends of them so that they are uniform in length.

Place wire or foam circles next to the trimmed branches and use the wire or foam as the anchoring units that branches will be secured to. After assembling wreaths, use thin pieces of wire to attach faux berries, acorns, or pinecones to various parts of each wreath.

Hang Finished Wreaths From A Pallet Or Board

Drop off several pallets or wooden boards at the storage unit. Place the pallets or boards near the back of the unit and lean each material against one of the interior walls until all of the pieces are stable. Use a hammer or drill to secure nails or hooks across the surface of each pallet or board. Place a couple feet between the hardware pieces so that there will be plenty of room to hang the wreaths.

Since your storage unit is climate-controlled, you will not need to worry about the wreaths drooping due to humid conditions. Wreaths will remain fresh prior to the date that they are sold and you can conveniently access the wreaths 24 hours per day, which will come in handy if you make a quick sale and would like to pick up a few wreaths from the rental facility. 

Fill Boxes With Wreaths That Are Being Transported

After you have mass-produced Christmas wreaths, decide upon a spot to sell your wares. If you plan on attending a craft festival or local flea market, you will likely want to bring along all of the wreaths for the event. Prior to transporting the wreaths, set up some large cartons along the floor of the storage unit. Fill the base of each carton with soft cushioning before laying the wreaths on top of the cushioning. Place the cartons inside of your vehicle and whisk the wreaths away to the event that you have chosen to attend.

Contact a 24-hour storage facility near you for more information and assistance.