Organizing Your Kids' Toy Stash

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Organizing Your Kids' Toy Stash

8 November 2017
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There's never enough room in the home for all the toys that our kids accumulate over the years. However, there are several storage solutions that you can use to keep things organized, in good condition, and easy for your kids to access when they want.

Stuffed Animals and Plush Toys

These types of toys can take up so much space. But don't worry: there are so many storage solutions for you to take advantage of.

  1. Hanging Hammock – you can pick up a toy hammock at your local toy store for next to nothing. These hang in the corner of your kids' rooms and can be overloaded with stuffed animals and dolls while keeping the floor clear.
  2. Vacuum Sealed Bags – you can fit quite a few stuffed animals that are only played with occasionally in these bags. What's great about them is that they can be stored anywhere once they are sealed up tight. Put a few animals in one bag, seal it up, and tuck it away in the garage or attic for a while.
  3. Plush Bag – you may have seen the commercial for the giant bag that will fit many large stuffed animals inside. Then, when the bag is tied tight, it can be used as a seat for reading or watching TV.


Playsets can be hard to keep track of. Typically, you have one big piece and several small pieces to play with. How do you keep those toys sorted and organized? Well, you make it a little fun for your little one. Each playset should have its own place on a shelf. Use colored shelf lining paper to cover a section of the shelf for one set. Put a piece of that paper on the toy and purchase a small container that matches that color for the small pieces. Your little one will be able to match up all the colors and put the playset away in an organized manner when playtime is done.

Utilize the Walls

Command hooks are an awesome tool for organizing toys. You can quickly stick them to the wall and hang whatever toys will fit on them. Then, if that toy is no longer used or you want to move the storage spot, you can quickly remove the hook and use it again later.

Keeping toys organized is a constant battle in so many homes. You can win this battle with just a few small, inexpensive household storage ideas that even your kids will be able to use.