Tips For Protecting Your Items That Are In A Self Storage Unit

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Tips For Protecting Your Items That Are In A Self Storage Unit

17 December 2018
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People rent self storage units for many reasons, such as storing belongings while selling a home, finding a place for inherited items, attempting to downsize, or securing things that they own while traveling for an extended period of time. Renting a self storage unit is easy and convenient, but it is still important to take the proper steps to ensure that everything that you place in your storage unit will be as safe and secure as possible. Luckily, keeping your belongings safe while they are in a self storage unit is not overly difficult or complicated. If you plan on renting a self storage unit in the near future, use the following tips to keep your belongings safe:

Choose Your Self Storage Facility Wisely

When you want the peace of mind of knowing that your items in storage are safe, one of the best things that you can do is rent a unit at a secure facility. Some things that signify that your belongings will be safer include a gated facility that requires codes or key passes for people to enter, good lighting, surveillance cameras, and a night time security guard that patrols the grounds. The more effort a self storage facility puts forth to create a secure area, the more likely that your self storage unit and belongings will be safe.

But Your Own Lock

Most self storage units have a rolling door, similar to a garage door. The key to keeping people from being able to break into your storage unit is having a strong lock. When you rent a storage unit, it is always in your best interest to purchase your own lock-- just make sure that it is a good one. The lock that you use on your self storage unit should require a key or combination to pen, and all components of the lock should be made of thick metal so the lock can't be easily be cut off. 

Don't Forget About Insurance

No matter how secure a self storage facility is or how good of a lock you have, it is always a good idea to protect yourself financially. Before signing a contract on a self storage unit, always purchase insurance or make sure that your homeowners insurance policy provides coverage for items placed in storage. Self storage insurance is typically very affordable, so even if you encounter problems while your items are in , you will be reimbursed.