4 Different Ways You Can Store Your Vehicle

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4 Different Ways You Can Store Your Vehicle

18 October 2019
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If you have a vehicle that you need to store for a while, you need to know what your vehicle storage options are. You have multiple vehicle storage options, all of which provide you with different levels of protection at different price points. 

Storage Option #1: Vehicle Parking Space 

The most basic type of vehicle storage that you can pay for is a vehicle parking space. You can pay for a parking space on the grounds of a storage facility. There are also locations that just rent out parking spaces in more public parking areas that you can rent for a specific amount of time. With a parking space rental, your vehicle will be exposed to the elements, but you have somewhere to put your vehicle when you are not using it where your vehicle should be safe.  

Storage Option #2: Covered Vehicle Storage 

Covered vehicle storage will put a roof over your vehicle. This will help reduce your vehicle's exposure to sunlight and moisture, although it will not eliminate these things altogether. Covered vehicle storage tends to be more like parking your vehicle in a carport. Your vehicle will be protected from the worst of the natural elements, but it will still be exposed, and you don't have any extra storage space to use at all. 

Storage Option #3: Indoor Vehicle Storage 

Next up is indoor vehicle storage. With indoor vehicle storage, you are able to park your vehicle inside of a warehouse. With indoor vehicle storage, your vehicle will be protected from the elements. Your vehicle will not get faded by the sun, and it will not have to endure all the rain and snow throughout the fall and winter months.  

However, indoor vehicle storage is like parking in a giant indoor parking lot. You will be sharing the space with others, which means you need to keep your vehicle locked up and valuables out of sight. 

Storage Option #4: Enclosed Vehicle Storage 

Enclosed vehicle storage is more like renting your own garage. With an enclosed vehicle storage unit, you are able to pull your vehicle inside of your own unit. This gives you extra storage space as well, so if you want to take your tires off your vehicle and store them, you can. If you want to store your car care supplies in the same storage unit, you can. Enclosed vehicle storage will protect your vehicle from the elements and give you your own private storage space to use as you see fit. 

When it comes to storing your vehicle when you are not using it, you can go for a basic outdoor vehicle parking spot, covered outdoor parking, indoor vehicle storage warehouse or your own private enclosed vehicle storage space. The more protected your vehicle is, the more you will have to pay for that storage space.  

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