After I realized that my home was overflowing with junk, I began investing some serious time into cleaning things out. However, I couldn't part with a lot of the furniture I had inherited, so I decided to get a storage unit. It was really interesting to see how much help it was to be able to unload things into a storage unit, and I was grateful for the extra space at home. This blog is all about making your home as functional and interesting as possible. Check out this website for more information that could make things easier for you.

How To Maximize Self-Storage Options In A Rental Unit

25 May 2023
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Self-storage options come in a wide range of styles and sizes. Choices range from high-security indoor units to garage-style access on a lot, and climate control, temperature control, and inventory systems are only a few of the many add-on offerings at select facilities. After securing a unit, a renter also has a lot of options for maximizing the space. However, it is important to review renter agreements for the facility before getting started on any major projects. Read More …

Reasons To Rent A Climate-Controlled Storage Unit

16 January 2023
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When in you need a storage space to hold your belongings for either a short period or an extended time, you'll have plenty of options from which to choose. Once you've decided on the location and size of the storage unit, you'll have to determine whether you need a climate-controlled space or not.  Storage units come in handy for a wide range of situations and life transitions, such as both local and cross-country moves, during divorces and college breaks, and while you're doing home renovations. Read More …