Three Types Of Items To Store In Your Heated Storage Unit

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Three Types Of Items To Store In Your Heated Storage Unit

14 November 2017
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When choosing a self-storage unit for your items, you'll want to think about the environment they will be stored in. For some items, climate-controlled storage isn't absolutely necessary. However, having a heated storage unit can help to protect some of your most precious possessions. Here are some of the items you'll want to keep in a heated storage unit:

Antiques And Heirlooms

Antiques can be particularly sensitive to changes in temperature. Old wooden furniture, such as dressers or dining table sets, can become warped over time, and delicate glassware can break or crack in extreme cold. Having a heated storage unit can prevent your family heirlooms or treasured antiques from becoming damaged over time. Discuss the temperature the unit will be kept at, and consider consulting with an antique restoration expert about how to best pack these items for safe storage. Be sure that all items are completely dry before placing antiques into storage to prevent moisture buildup.


Electronics can be susceptible to damage in extreme conditions, whether it's extreme heat or cold. You'll want to make sure that the unit is kept at a steady temperature all year long, and you may want to take the extra step of covering them under a loose canvas cover to keep them dry and free from dust and dirt. Wrapping these items in plastic can trap moisture, which can damage the sensitive circuits and wiring on DVD players, computers, and other electronic items. When possible, place the items in their original packaging for added protection against damage.


Whether you are an avid collector of books, vinyl records, cassette tapes, or any other type of media, it's a good idea to store these items in a heated and cooled storage unit. Heat can warp records and tape, and extreme temperatures can damage the paper inside your favorite books. These items may also be sensitive to moisture, so consider taking some steps to dehumidify the storage unit. This might include using silica gel or charcoal to help absorb the moisture in the air. If you are storing photographs in your storage unit, use acid-free archival bags to keep each picture looking great. These bags also provide a great storage option for vintage books.

Your self-storage facility staff can provide you with additional information on how to store items securely in a heated storage unit. Use these tips, and pack your items carefully to help ensure they stay in great shape. Contact a company like Pearl Street Self Storage for more information and assistance.