3 Useful Tips When Renting Out A Frac Tank

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3 Useful Tips When Renting Out A Frac Tank

5 November 2019
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If you need to store water on a temporary basis on your work site, a frac tank will come in handy. These large tanks can hold a lot of water at a time. When renting one out, you'll want to remember these tips. 

Opt For a Durable Design

When a frac tank is on your work site, you want it holding up without any issues. Not only does this ensure your water holding operations go smoothly, but it saves you from having to pay for damage that occurs while the tank is in your possession.

A durable frac tank is one made out of thick steel. This material will generally hold up no matter what sort of environments it's exposed to on your work site. You may even want a steel frac tank with a powder coat, as this design will prevent the tank from rusting. 

Assess Rental Agreement

Before you sign any official document with a frac tank rental company, it behooves you to look over the rental agreement first. There are several aspects you need to assess. 

Start by seeing how much the frac tank rental company is charging you. Take their rate, and then compare it with others from different rental companies as to make sure you're not being overcharged. Also see how long the frac tank is to be in your possession. You need to know the date the tank is due to be returned so that you can avoid any extra penalty charges. 

Choose a Drop-Off Location

Take into consideration where this frac tank is dropped off on your work site. There are several things to keep in mind. The first is where water is being transported from the site to this tank.

Getting the tank as close to this area as possible is key as it will make your job a lot easier in terms of water transportation. You also want to choose a location that's free of other structures, as these tanks are pretty large and will thus take up a lot of space. Finally, make sure the path for getting to the drop-off location is easy for the delivery driver to navigate. 

Frac tanks can be used for a lot of important tasks, such as the temporary storage of water. If you need one for a short-term project, take your time with the rental process. Then, you can avoid a lot of complications.