Live in a Cold Climate? Prioritize an Indoor Storage Unit Rental

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Live in a Cold Climate? Prioritize an Indoor Storage Unit Rental

30 March 2022
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Once you run out of storage space in your home, you may host a garage sale and invest in storage organization to make room.

However, these efforts might not give you enough storage space. Renting a storage unit is an excellent solution because you can get as much storage as you need. While living in a cold climate, you may want to prioritize an indoor self-storage rental for all the benefits it can provide.

Climate Control

Using an outdoor storage unit in a cold or hot climate comes with risks because sensitive belongings can sustain wear and tear, damage, or even destruction. An indoor unit with climate control provides a consistent environment for all your stored possessions. This kind of storage setup allows you to store durable and delicate items without worrying about their safety.

Artwork, wood, upholstery, photos, and papers are all susceptible to damage from drastic temperature and humidity changes. Fortunately, you can store these things confidently and safely after you get an indoor storage unit in the cold climate where you live.


Another way that temperature can get in the way of using a storage unit is because you may feel cold all throughout winter. For instance, you may not want to spend much time at an outdoor storage unit in below-freezing temperatures. Dressing up in warm enough gear and clothing can make it difficult to maneuver around the storage unit and move around items.

An indoor storage unit will provide a comfortable environment to dress light. As a result, you will have an easier time organizing your storage and moving things in or out.


While temperature can play a huge role in winter storage unit usage, you also want to consider the impact of weather conditions. Snow, wind, and freezing rain can all get in the way of accessing your belongings or putting things into storage. For instance, heavy snowfall can lead to snow buildup around an outdoor storage unit entrance and restrict access for a duration.

With noticeable temperature fluctuations, freezing rain and snow can lead to ice buildup on roads and along the unit entrance. Getting an indoor unit prevents you from dealing with most of these problems, especially when you can park your car near the building entrance.

Renting a storage unit is one of the best ways to increase your storage capacity. Prioritizing an indoor rental is worth doing for all the benefits while living in a cold climate.