4 Great Organizing Tips For A Cleaner, Better Organized Closet

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4 Great Organizing Tips For A Cleaner, Better Organized Closet

14 October 2022
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Despite being one of the most commonly used spaces, a closet can also be one of the most neglected. While many people regularly clean and organize their bedrooms and kitchens, their closets slowly fill with stuff like clothes, shoes, bags, and more. If your closet has become a bit too crowded for your liking and you're searching for some helpful closet organization tips, take a look below at just four of the most useful ones.

Categorize Everything

Set aside a space where you can separate everything you want to keep in your closet, and then work to categorize each item. You may want to start by dividing clothes from accessories, for example, creating different areas for each. Categorizing by season is another way to further divide things so that you can easily locate and store items you don't currently need.

Use Space Wisely

Once you have everything categorized, you'll want to make a plan for how to best utilize the space that you have. One of the simplest ways to do this, even in smaller closets, is by placing dressers or stacked drawers underneath hanging clothes. This can effectively double the space in your closet and leave everything both cleaner and more organized. Installing shelves is another relatively easy way to store things such as jewelry, watches, and other miscellaneous items without taking up too much space.

Purchase Hangers

If your closet reorganization budget allows, it is more than worth it to invest in enough hangers for all your clothes. Having quality hangers goes a long way toward making a closet look cleaner and more uniform, and works to keep the shape of your clothes. This is especially important for any expensive dresses or suits you might own; rubber and velvet-covered hangers are often the best options in these cases.

Think About Aesthetics

There's no point in having an organized closet if you hate the way it looks. Once you've settled on a categorization method, use of space, and quality hangers, you can then decide how your closet should look and feel. Some people prefer to color code their hanging items so that they form a kind of full-color spectrum that's pleasing to the eye. Other people organize their clothes from left to right, shortest to longest to achieve a predictable series of longer hemlines. Both strategies not only make your closet look impeccable, but they also make everything easier to find.