After I realized that my home was overflowing with junk, I began investing some serious time into cleaning things out. However, I couldn't part with a lot of the furniture I had inherited, so I decided to get a storage unit. It was really interesting to see how much help it was to be able to unload things into a storage unit, and I was grateful for the extra space at home. This blog is all about making your home as functional and interesting as possible. Check out this website for more information that could make things easier for you.

Interested In Storing Sporting Equipment? 3 Tips For Using A Storage Unit

25 April 2018
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When one of your main hobbies is participating in outdoor sports, you can quickly find that you're running out of storage space in your home for everything. From equipment that you take to the beach during the summer to snowboards and other equipment for the winter, you may find that you have a lot of sporting equipment that goes unused for part of the year. With this in mind, it's a good idea to look into choosing a storage unit that you can use year-round for sporting equipment. Read More …

How To Prepare Antiques For Storage

8 March 2018
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Antique furniture can provide a unique aesthetic to the rooms that they are installed within, and they often carry high price tags as well. However, they can take up a great deal of space, and can also be relatively fragile considering their age. This means that if you are getting work done in your home, or are moving to a new house, you may want to consider placing them in a storage unit for the short term. Read More …

4 Ways To Use Your Self-Storage To Minimize Clutter In Your Home

24 January 2018
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Self-storage is not just for when you are downsizing or in between moves. Self-storage can also be a great strategy to use when you want to create more space in your home. Not all homes come with adequate storage space, and self-storage can be a great way to reduce the clutter in your home and ensure that you store your valuables in a safe manner. Install Shelves In your self-storage unit, set up a few sets of shelves. Read More …

Better Boxes, Better Storage. Five Can’t-Miss Tips For Packing

8 December 2017
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Filling your storage unit comes with so many inherent frustrations. You have to find the perfect facility, load everything into a truck, and try to concoct some sort of organizational scheme to keep everything in place. If your boxes are not packed well, you will have to deal with them popping open or not stacking well. Who needs that? Here are five tips for packing a better box and avoiding the unnecessary headaches especially when moving storage units. Read More …

Three Types Of Items To Store In Your Heated Storage Unit

14 November 2017
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When choosing a self-storage unit for your items, you'll want to think about the environment they will be stored in. For some items, climate-controlled storage isn't absolutely necessary. However, having a heated storage unit can help to protect some of your most precious possessions. Here are some of the items you'll want to keep in a heated storage unit: Antiques And Heirlooms Antiques can be particularly sensitive to changes in temperature. Read More …