Creating Safe Storage Spaces

After I realized that my home was overflowing with junk, I began investing some serious time into cleaning things out. However, I couldn't part with a lot of the furniture I had inherited, so I decided to get a storage unit. It was really interesting to see how much help it was to be able to unload things into a storage unit, and I was grateful for the extra space at home. This blog is all about making your home as functional and interesting as possible. Check out this website for more information that could make things easier for you.

Traveling Long-Term? 3 Reasons To Rent A Storage Unit

2 February 2021
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Are you planning to take off for months or longer to travel full-time? No matter whether you're a young traveler eager to spend a college gap year learning about the world or a retiree setting off in your RV, long-term travel is an exciting prospect. But before you hit the road, be sure you find the best way to handle your stuff at home. And while you have a variety of choices, one common element you should use is a self-storage unit. Read More …

3 Things To Look For In Self-Storage

9 October 2020
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There are plenty of situations where self-storage can come in handy. A self-storage unit is an excellent option if you simply don't have enough room in your home for some of your belongings. Many also use self-storage facilities when they are in the process of moving or downsizing. Self-storage keeps your belongings secure and as well as easy to access. Here are three things that you should look for when it comes to self-storage. Read More …

3 Useful Tips When Renting Out A Frac Tank

5 November 2019
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If you need to store water on a temporary basis on your work site, a frac tank will come in handy. These large tanks can hold a lot of water at a time. When renting one out, you'll want to remember these tips.  Opt For a Durable Design When a frac tank is on your work site, you want it holding up without any issues. Not only does this ensure your water holding operations go smoothly, but it saves you from having to pay for damage that occurs while the tank is in your possession. Read More …

4 Different Ways You Can Store Your Vehicle

18 October 2019
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If you have a vehicle that you need to store for a while, you need to know what your vehicle storage options are. You have multiple vehicle storage options, all of which provide you with different levels of protection at different price points.  Storage Option #1: Vehicle Parking Space  The most basic type of vehicle storage that you can pay for is a vehicle parking space. You can pay for a parking space on the grounds of a storage facility. Read More …

3 Reasons To Consider Using Shipping Containers As Self-Storage Units

5 June 2019
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Self-storage facilities can make life a lot easier for a lot of people because they have the space to store things that they don't have room for. If you are interested in building your own self-storage facilities, there are several options open to you. One of your options is to use old shipping containers as storage units. There are several reasons why you might want to think about doing this.  Read More …